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Picture of photographer standing in the redwoods


My childhood is filled with memories of being outdoors. The woods, the creek, an old barn, bike rides, and climbing trees. As a child, the thing I disliked hearing the most was "Its time to come inside!" at the end of a summer day. I was then, as I am now, most at home outdoors. As I matured I took an interest in photography which I attribute to my mother. I remember receiving a pocket sized 110 film camera with a flip-up viewfinder and a keychain clip on it from her as a gift when I was around the age of 10. When the film was developed it would always consist of leaves, insects, sunsets, trees and plants. As I grew, so too did my passion for photography. When digital technology converged with photography two of my interests combined and opened an entirely new world of creativity.

The essence of nature and landscape photography for me is capturing the feeling of a moment. A moment when light and time bond. I liken it to experiencing a falling star; in that you must be in the right place at the right time looking in the right direction, and it only lasts for a moment. When I press the button to open the shutter I am not only trying to capture a photograph, but also to capture that moment which will never again repeat. My hope is that my photos draw you in, giving you a window into places you may not know, and in turn build an appreciation for them. Maybe even an interest in venturing to see them yourself.

​Thank you for the opportunity to share these places that I love with you. Whether they are a window into nature that you hang on your wall, or a door that opens your mind to adventure, I hope you enjoy them.

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